We feature world-class athletes who perform extreme trampoline shows for the NBA, NFL, NCAA, NHL, WNBA, campuses, fairs, festivals, parades as well as for corporate messaging, marketing, and motivational events.

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FAQs/Show Logistics

For FAQs on our trampoline shows please see our FAQs/Logistics page or Our Transparent Trampoline Wall Show


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Introducing a new dimension to Flippenout’s Extreme Trampoline Show - THE TRANSPARENT WALL - there is no other show like it in the world!

This amazing new show features top athletes from North America, including Olympic Medalists, performing against the transparent wall –running up, flipping and twisting off our clear walls and top, as well as our traditional snowboards, skis, triple flips and twists and heights of 25 feet or higher.

Our new EXTREME TRAMPOLINE TRANSPARENT WALL SHOW is ideal for any sporting, campus, corporate, community or festival event looking for an exciting, new, “Off the Wall” kind of show!!

The Extreme Trampoline Wall Show is an awesome new option for a one of a kind intermission show…
     - The wall is highly transportable, collapsible, and lightweight.
     -The wall rolls out and sets up between the trampolines (wall powers up in 23 seconds).
     - The transparent wall allows great views from any direction in an arena. With a trampoline set up on each side of our transparent wall, no matter where the seats, spectators will always have a direct view of athletes on one side of the wall while seeing the action through the wall on the other trampoline.

Witness the newest dimension of extreme trampoline action off the vertical transparent wall—you won’t find this show anywhere else!

How is the wall set up for intermission shows?
The wall collapses to 12'5" long, 36" wide and 83-6" tall (height depends on wheels used) (approximately the same size as our folded trampolines). Like the trampolines, the wall rolls down a path at least 36.5" wide out to center court/arena where the trampolines and wall will be set up by Flippenout staff and athletes.

How much time does set up and breakdown take for an intermission wall show and how long are your performances?
For two trampolines and the wall we allow 3 minutes total for roll on, setup, breakdown, and roll off. A 6- 7 minute time interval allows us to do approximately a 3-4 minute show. For a two trampoline/wall show the shortest intermission time we’d work within is 5 minutes (this would allow for approximately 2.5 minutes of performance; the remainder is set up/breakdown time). We will customize performance times to fit your time constraints.

Is the wall heavy?
No, the wall is comparable in weight to a trampoline.

How much performance space and height do you require for trampoline wall shows?
The answers below are preferred but we can work with less so call if this is your situation.
Height: Preferred minimum of 25’.
Footprint for Double Trampoline Wall Show: 30’ by 35’.

How much set up space do you require for trampoline wall intermission shows?
We set up (preliminary) the trampoline(s) and wall in a 25’ by 25’ area in the back of the facility.

When do you arrive for setup for a trampoline wall show?
For intermission shows 2-4 hours before your game. For campus, corporate and festival events, 2-4 hours before the first show.

Can the wall be set up outdoors as well as indoors?

What kind of surface can you perform trampoline wall shows on?
Any surface: basketball courts, ice, grass, cement, asphalt, and artificial turf. We can level our trampolines and our wall, but if a steep or highly uneven area is involved, please let us know in advance.

Will some spectators at arenas have a poor view of the show because of the wall?
No. Our intermission shows are done with two trampolines, one on each side of the wall. The spectators will see at least one trampoline and one pair of athletes directly while getting a great view through the clear wall at the other trampoline and other pair of athletes.

Is the wall sturdy?
Yes. It isn’t glass and it won’t shatter. It is a strong, clear material that allows great views from all angles for the audience.

How many people do you staff for wall shows?
Two trampolines: 5-6 people: 4 athletes and 1-2 set up staff.

Single trampoline: 3 people - two athletes and one emcee/manager.
Double trampolines: 4 or 5 people – three or four athletes and one emcee/manager.

Who provides the sound system?
We can provide a 800-watt sound system but need a 20 amp electric outlet within 100' of performance area. Larger sound systems are available upon request.

If an on-site sound system is available we’ll bring a CD, MP3, or IPOD to be played. We’ll need a microphone to emcee. For sporting events (intermission shows) we usually provide a script for the announcer to read during our show.


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